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LED Lightings

LEDs are Very Energy Efficient  >100LPW and more Are Directional  No Wasted Light, any pattern possible Have Very Long Lifetime  >50,000 hours LED offer greater colour mixing Compact Size offer wider range of design options Are Inherently Rugged  No Filament to Break Start Instantly  Nanoseconds vs. > 10 min (HID) Are Environmentally Sound  No Hg, Pb, Heavy Metals Are Infinitely Dimmable, Controllable  New Lighting Features, Power Savings Cold Temperatures  No Cold Starting Issues

Solar Lighting System & Inverter


  Adaptive high efficiency MPPT Solar Charger with power Plant Integration High efficiency DC-AC power conversion Low current distortion and high PF during charging mode Available from 650 VA to 3.2 KVA in wide voltage range Multi stage battery charging including temperature compensation Fast changeover time High inrush current Current sharing between Solar & Battery (When, Load > Solar Input) Auto- start UPS system when Solar Power available Auto- start conversion from Solar to Battery or AC mains

Vehicle tracing system

GPS Vehicle Tracking System and Client Login Scope of Work & Commercials   GPS Category :   GPS Tracking System   1) The device will be enriched with full high tech features 2) The device includes Android app for smart phone users   Technology: Advance AGPS technology with Ultra low power consumption and Intelligent   controllers chip. The device has an embedded patch antenna with high sensitivity of 165dBM and Anti-jamming interference canceller. Also with a backup of a 650mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. 2G and 3G GSM SIM support.  


The AIRTRON is the world’s only Programmable Microprocessor- based A.C Energy Saver. Equipped with Dual sensors for Reading & Display of both Room & and Coil temperature , and also referencing the Ambient Temp., and Guarantees savings upto 35% while maintaining & Displaying Precise Set Temp. at Paybacks of barely 3-5 months! AC Energy Saver The Airtron is the world’s most advanced AC SAVER , with all the controls of a Precision AC , and available at a mere fraction of the cost! To save energy in A.C’s & maintain the Set temp. under changing climates, requires multiple algorithms and controls.Thus,simple ‘plug-n-play’ timers,currently available in the market are not viable, as they lead to increase in Room Temperature!